WP04 - Integrated provision of mental health services (health system processes)


This work package has three main objectives, which will also form the major tasks to be undertaken by the Leads, in guiding the other partners of the Emerald participating countries (Ethiopia, India, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda) to carry out all these tasks.

  • Task 1. To identify optimal institutional, legal and policy contexts as well as processes for implementation of integration policy and service integration plans in LAMICs (both in better integrated and in more fragile health systems).
  • Task 2. To identify best practices for addressing resource requirements, capacity development needs and supervision requirements to improve help seeking, identification, referral and follow- up to recovery for mental disorders in low, low-middle and upper income countries, including key barriers to access to scaled up services (including stigma and discrimination as (i) sources of demand limitation and (ii) key barriers among policy makers.
  • Task 3. To evaluate health systems synergies/ implication of scaled-up service provision in LAMICs.
Uganda: Outreach in a district where MHaPP had interventions (Mayuge)
Uganda: Outreach in a district where MHaPP had interventions (Mayuge) Copyright: BNH Uganda

Work package Description

The Lead partners of WP 4 are BNH and UKZN with extensive experience in health systems and intervention research aimed at integrating mental health into primary health care.

To carry out the above tasks, the Lead institutions above will work very closely with the five participating PRIME country partners (Ethiopia, India, Nepal, South Africa and Uganda) which are involved in the development and implementation of mental health policies and plans in their respective countries to scale up mental health services. This will provide a unique opportunity for the collection of data to achieve the above stated objectives. Furthermore the above countries will be joined by Nigeria which has been participating in another similar programme EuropeAid of the European Commission, also undertaking  Scaling up Mental services for mental, neurological and substance use (MNS). All the 6 countries will be using the WHO mhGAP Intervention Guide to facilitate the scaling up if the integrated mental health services.

We plan to identify best practices for developing and implementing mental health plans in LAMICs from the district through to national levels and as part of the process generate evidence, which will be disseminated for application in other LAMICs.

Methods to be used will include analysis of various key documents (Mental health legislation, policies and plans at the national  and district/provincial levels among others).

Data will also be gathered related to the different factors involved in facilitating access or barriers to mental services.

Interviews with various stakeholders will be conducted as part of the process especially with policy makers, managers, service providers in the districts, service users and carers as well the CSOs.