Emerald Final Meeting in London - New Interviews

From the 13th to 17th October 2017 the Emerald group met for a writing up week and the final General Assembly meeting in London, UK. Emerging mental health systems in low- and middle-income countries.

Professor Graham Thornicroft is speaking about the main achievements and outputs from the Emerald Project in the field on mental health, namely the so-called mental health gap, the early death of people with mental illnesses and stigma during

Interviews with PhD and Master Students

Nicole Votruba, UK, PhD Student

Sandesh Devdhar Samudre, India, PhD Student

Shalini Ahuja, India, PhD Student

Sumaiyah Docrat, South Africa, PhD Student

Jibril Abdulmalik, Nigeria, PhD Student

Dristy Gurung, Nepal, Master Student

Emerald videos

Introductory video

Have a look at the Emerald introductory video which gives an overview about the project and explains our goals and objectives:

Interview with the Coordinator Professor Graham Thornicroft

Professor Graham Thornicroft is speaking about the main challenges in the field on mental health, namely the so-called mental health gap, the early death of people with mental illnesses and stigma.

He also speaks about our activites:

  • training of different target groups
  • measuring costs for mental health services
  • creation of new models of integrating physical and mental health care
  • creating a series of new measures to measure progress on different levels

We are producing materials which are freely available soon. Check our website and see how you and your work can benefit from Emerald!

Site visit at TPON

During our last meeting in Kathmandu our Emerald Dissemination team made a site visit at our Emerald partner TPO Nepal.

Different members of the TPO Nepal team were interviewed and express their feelings but also the achivements made over the past years regarding the acceptance of mental illnesses and also mental health care in Nepal.

Watch the video below to see how Emerald work impacts in Nepal.

Emerald seen from different angles

What is the Emerald programme and how does it support people with  different roles and aims? We spoke to people during their early scientific years but also to senior researchers and policy makers from the Emerald countries during our meeting in Cape Town to get a clear picture about their understanding of the Emerald work.

Watch the video below and see how Emerald can be supportive in many different ways.

Interviewees (order following appearance in the video):

  • Dr Sandesh Samudre, future PhD student in the Emerald programme, India
  • Prof Melvyn Freeman, Non-communicable diseases at National Department of Health, South Africa
  • Dr Tracey Naledi, Health Programmes at Western Cape Department of Health, South Africa
  • Dr Olusola Akande, Directorate of planning, research and statistics, Oyo State Ministry of Health, Ibadan, Nigeria
  • Tunde Masseyferguson Ojo, Emerald Master student "Global Mental Health" at King's College London, Nigeria
  • Prof Norman Sartorius, former director of the World Health Organization's (WHO) Division of Mental Health and a former president of the World Psychiatric Association
  • Sunil Raj Sharma, Ministry of Health and Population National Health Education Information and Communication Center Teku, Nepal

Emerald Interviews

Learn more about the opportunities which the Emerald programme offers and how the research and innovation of Emerald can make a difference for a better future. Emerald experts explain individual problems they are confronted with in their home countries and the expected impact of Emerald for each of them.

Watch our interviews taped in Madrid (2014), Cape Town (2015), Kathmandu ( 2016) during our annual meetings with different groups involved in Emerald (PIs, senior researchers, PhD and Master students, policy makers) by clicking on the respective section in the menu on the left or below:

- Interviews with policy makers

- Interviews with PIs and senior researchers

- Interviews with Researches, PHD and Master students